Molecular Therapeutics

Molecular-Targeted Therapeutics:  Linking Laboratory Medicine To The Early Clinical Trials Program

Princess Margaret Hospital is one of the world's largest centres testing molecular-targeted anti-cancer agents in early phase clinical trials.  We conduct many first-in-man trials of novel agents or drug combinations that require sophisticated laboratory techniques to identify predictive biomarkers, or to monitor pharmacodynamic effects on downstream signaling pathways based on sequential tumor biopsies.  Particularly for agents with novel modes of action, we conduct preliminary testing using human tumour xenograft in order to optimize the molecular markers, and to provide controls and standards for subsequent application to the patient samples.  We are also starting to integrate the molecular analysis of human tumour xenografts to changes identified using advanced in vivo funtional imaging techniques based on MRI and PET scanning.  Pathology is thus seen as the essential link between the early phase clinical trials program, basic research, and functional imaging.  Our Pathology Fellows are strongly encouraged to become involved in this exciting cross-disciplinary field of research.

Last Updated ( Monday, 08 June 2009 )