Dr. Ming-Sound Tsao – OCI/PMH

Molecular testing in non-small cell lung carcinoma

Dr. David Huntsman - BCCA

Hereditary diffuse gastric cancer

Dr. Torsten Nielsen - BCCA

Molecular classification of breast cancer

Sarcomas: Translating expression profile into clinical care

Dr. David Hedley - OCI/PMH

Molecular cancer therapeutics monitoring

Clinico-pathological correlates of hypoxia in pancreatic cancer

Dr. Peter Watson - BCCA

Microdissecting breast cancer


Dr. Sylvia Asa - OCI/PMH

Integrating endocrine and immuno system development and function

Epigenetic changes in pituitary tumorigenesis

Dr. Susan Done - OCI/PMH

Genomic heterogeneity in breast cancer

Dr. Richar Hill - OCI/PMH

Tumor hypoxia and metastasis

Dr. Jeremy Squire - OCI/PMH

Oncogenomics of prostate cancer

Dr. David LeBrun - Queen's University

Differential expression of cell cycle regulatory proteins defines distinct classes of follicular lymphoma

Dr. Victor Tron- Queen's University

A role for RNAi in melanoma

Li Zhang -OCI/PMH

Novel cancer immunotherapy using DNT cells

Adoptive immunotherapy in leukemia

Jeremy Squire, Queen’s University

Example of the 'Bench to Bedside' trajectory in pathology: Applications of PTEN FISH in prostate cancer


Joerg Schwock - OCI/PMH (Supervisor:  David Hedley)

Hypoxia in cervix cancer

Sarit Aviel-Ronen - OCI/PMH (Supervisor:  Ming Tsao)

A comparison of lung bronchioalveolar carcinoma to invasive adenocarcinoma - a whole genome array-CGH study

Vladimir Iakovlev - OCI/PMH (Supervisors:  Susan Done and David Hedley)

Quantitative detection of circulating epithelial cell by Q-RT-PCR

Sampling error in assessment of histological sections:  Do we sample enough?

Blaise Clarke - BCCA (Supervisor:  David Huntsman)

Ovarian cancer xenografts

How the molecular pathology fellowship influenced my career

Pedro Farinha - BCCA (Supervisor:  Randy Gascoyne)

Translational research in lymphoma

Abderrahman Ouban - OCI/PMH (Supervisor:  Suzanne Kamel-Reid)

Analysis of the role of claudin-1 in oral squamous cell carcinoma

Nathalie Johnson - BCCA (Supervisor:  Randy Gascoyne)

Insights into follicular lymphoma transformation from cytogenetics analysis

In search of novel prognostic biomarkers for DLBCL in the COP-R era

Training future Clinician-Scientists: How the molecular pathology program helped me become a successful independent investigator at McGill

Gilda da Cunha Santos - OCI/PMH (Supervisor:  Jeremy Squire)

Interphase FISH in osteosarcoma TMAs: a proposal for chromosomal instability (CIN index)

Sandra Fischer - OCI/PMH (Supervisor:  Sylvia Asa)

Detection of differentially expressed proteins in human thyroid carcinoma cell lines

Ashish Rajput - BCCA (Supervisor:  David Huntsman)

Journal Club - The FDA viewpoint on biomarker

Presence of stromal mast cells as independent predictor of good prognosis for breast cancer

Joao Magalhaes - OCI/PMH (Supervisor:  David Hedley)

Tissue biomarkers for Src kinase inhibitors

Journal Club - Lineage dependency and lineage-survival oncogenes in human cancer by Levi A. Garraway and William R. Sellers

Stefano Serra - OCI-PMH (Supervisor:  Sylvia Asa)

Fibroblast growth factor receptors in thyroid carcinomas and gastroenteropancreatic tumors

Young-Ha Oh - BCCA (Supervisor:  Randy Gascoyne)

A double-positive CD4+CD8+T- cell population in nodular lymphocyte predominant Hodgkin lymphoma

Gulisa Turashvili - BCCA (Supervisors:  Samuel Aparicio/Peter Watson)

Gene expression profiling of microdissected ductal and lobular breast carcinomas and normal ductal and lobular cells

Expression of fatty acid synthase (FAS) in columnar cell lesions of the breast

Rashmi Goswami - OCI/PMH (Supervisor:  Suzanne Kamel-Reid)

The use of microRNA analysis to determine prognosis in patients with mantle cell lymphoma

Danh Tran-Thanh - OCI/PMH (Supervisor:  Susan Done)

Mapping alterations in breast cancer with the aid of mammary ductoscopy

Studying the effect of COX-2 on mammary tumour development in a Her-2/neu model

Ken Craddock - OCI/PMH (Supervisor:  Ming S. Tsao) 

Array-CGH in non-small cell lung carcinoma:  Genome-wide survey for DNA copy number alterations of prognostic significance.


Yeonsook Moon, BCCA (Supervisor:  Doug Horsman)

"Identification of breakpoint of del(20q) by molecular genetics in case with acute myeloid leukemia"

Derek Kohler - OCI/PMH (Supervisor: Ming Tsao)

Mutational profiling of non-small cell lung cancer

Marina Pacheco - BCCA (Supervisors: T. Nielsen / D. Horsman)

Identification of two novel gene fusions in sarcomas

Al-Agha - BCCA (Supervisor: David Huntsman)

FOXL2 mutation and immunoassaying in sex cord-stromal tumors of the ovary. A novel approach towards a better diagnostic accuracy.

Juan Moreno - OCI/PMH (Supervisor: Susan Done)

High expression of decorin and HSP90B1 in breast cancer are associated with LN and distant metastases and decreased overall survival

Naoki Yanagawa - OCI/PMH (Supervisor: Ming S. Tsao)

Over-expression of p16(CDKN2A) protein: relationship with loss of RB protein expression and human papillomavirus in non-small cell lung cancer

Clarissa Cassol - OCI/PMH (Supervisor: Sylvia Asa)

Receptor tyrosine kinases as molecular targets in pheochromocytomas and paragangliomas

Mauro Saieg - OCI/PMH (Supervisor: Gilda da Cunha Santos)

Maximizing the yield of lymph node fine needle aspiration (FNA)

Charles Leduc - Queen's (Supervisors: Jeremy Squire & Ming S. Tsao)

Fluorescent in situ hybridization for genomic deletion: The example of PTEN and non small cell lung cancer

Ghassan Allo - OCI/PMH (Supervisor: Ming S. Tsao)

Mesothelioma xenograft models in studying biomarkers for chemosensitivity

David Scott - BCCA (Supervisor: Randy Gascoyne)

Gene expression in formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue predicts overall survival in advanced stage Hodgkin lymphoma

TBL1XR1/TP63: a novel recurrent gene fusion in lymphoma

King Tan (Supervisor: Randy Gascoyne)

Tumor-associated macrophages in de novo Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma treated with R-CHOP therapy

Natalia Guggisberg – SACRI / TBCC (Supervisor: Donald Morris)

Comparison of three commercial ER/PR assays on a single clinical outcome series

Adewunmi Adeoye -OCI/PMH (Supervisor: Susan Done)

Molecular basis of population differences in breast cancer

Dominique Trudel – OCI/PMH (Supervisor: Theo van der Kwast)

4FISH-IF: Pathology brings genomic alterations from bench to bedside

Prostate review of Molecular Pathology in diagnosis and therapy

Characterization of prostate cancer from morphology to sequencing

Tamara Jamaspishvili - Queen’s (Supervisors: Jeremy Squire / Victor Tron)

PTEN-dependent clinical correlates in prostate cancer-validation study on Canary CaP TMA cohort

Shingo Sakashita - OCI/PMCC (Supervisor: Ming S. Tsao)

FGFR inhibitor for squamous cell lung cancer xenograft

Carolina Lopez_Uran - OCI/PMCC (Supervisor: Susan Done)

Understanding the role of SPAG5 in breast cancer

Anthony Karnezis – BCCA (Supervisor: David Huntsman)

Small cell carcinoma of the ovary, hypercalcemic type displays frequent inactivating germline and somatic mutations in SMARCA4

Tomo Osako – BCCA (Supervisors: S. Aparicio/P. Watson)

Does age influence the biology of breast cancers?

Iram Siddiqui – OCI/PMCC (Supervisor: David Hedley)

Characterizing hypoxia in resectable pancreatic cancer

Tao Wang – OCI/PMCC (Supervisor: Ming S. Tsao)

Senescent cancer associated fibroblasts enhance pancreatic cancer progression


Professor Philip Quirke, Pathology & Tumour Biology, Leeds University

Evolution or extinction - the future of the molecular pathologist


Alexander C. Klimowicz - Tom Baker Cancer Centre (Supervisor: Tony Magliocco)

Quantitative fluorescent immunohistochemsitry: Breathing new life in to old biomarkers

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