Program Information

Transdisciplinary Training Approach

The combined faculty from OCI/PMH, BCCA, Queen’s and SACRI covers a very broad range of scientific, technical, and clinical expertise relevant to molecular pathology. In addition to primary or cross appointments in the two pathology departments, all faculty members have track records in basic or translational research, and postgraduate education. Since the program is designed to produce graduates who are competent in translational research methods, clinical delivery of molecular pathology, and able to participate in the training of the next generation of molecular pathologists, it is structured to offer a particularly broad experience to trainees. This will be accomplished through early exposure to a comprehensive range of advanced analytical methods over a one to two months period, followed by a major research project similar to those undertaken by graduate students, which will occupy the remainder of the fellowship. Since this program teaches the laboratory methods of molecular pathology as well as training in scientific research, side projects that broaden the trainee's exposure to these will be encouraged.

Last Updated ( Monday, 08 June 2009 )