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University of British Columbia & BC Cancer Agency

Peter Watson, MB, BChir

Professor, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

Adjunct Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (Associate Director of the Training Program and Site Leader of BCCA)

Dr. Watson is a Professor in the Department of Pathology, BC Cancer Agency and the University of British Columbia and he is currently director of both the BCCA Tumour Tissue Repository and the Manitoba Breast Tumour Bank.  He completed his medical training at the University of Cambridge, UK in 1983 and specialist training in Anatomic pathology at the University of Manitoba in 1988.  He combines a clinical practice as a breast pathologist with a research interest in the molecular pathology of breast cancer.  His research program is characterized by the translation of tissue based observations into functional and clinical significance through analysis of laboratory models and clinical data.  His research has included early contributions to approaches and application of molecular technologies to microdissected breast tissues.  The program currently focuses specifically on markers of risk of early breast tumour progression and markers of response to endocrine therapies. 

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Wan Lam, PhD


Senior Scientist & Professor of Pathology

As a post-doctoral fellow, Dr. Lam trained with Dr. Walter Gilbert, a Nobel Laureate in Medicine and Physiology. He is a Senior Scientist at the BC Cancer Research Centre. His research interests are in cancer genomics and serial analysis of gene expression. His laboratory has developed novel methods for detecting transposition events in genome-wide manner, as well as whole genome mapping and large-scale gene placement onto a genome map. These techniques are being applied to identify early genetic alterations in oral, lung and prostate cancer.



David Huntsman, MD 

 Associate Professor

Dr. Huntsman is a genetic pathologist at BCCA. His research interests are in germline genetics, molecular cytogenetics, and molecular pathology. He received much of this training at the Cancer Genetics Laboratory of Cambridge University with Bruce Ponder and Carlos Caldas. He is a member of the Executive of the International Gastric Linkage Consortium and was involved in the identification of E-cadherin mutations as the basis of hereditary gastric cancer.


Randy Gascoyne, MD 

Clinical Professor of Pathology

Dr. Gascoyne is a Hematopathologist at the BC Cancer Agency and the sole Canadian member of the international lymphoma study group (ILSC). He has expertise in lymphoma diagnosis and classification, molecular genetics of lymphoma and pathogenesis. His research interests include molecular alterations that characterize lymphomagenesis, biomarker analyses in non-Hodgkin's lymphomas (NHL) and their use as outcome predictors and gene expression microarray. He is involved in many national and international efforts dedicated to study of NHLs.

Dr. Gascoyne retired in 2015.


Torsten Nielsen, MD, PhD

Professor and Clinician-Scientist

Dr. Nielsen research lies in DNA replication, laser microdissection, immunohistochemistry, DNA microarray expression profiling, and tissue microarrays. He directs a research program seeking to translate sarcoma gene expression profiles into new diagnostic tools and targeted therapies; he is also co-director of the Genetic Pathology Evaluation Centre, a major tissue microarray facility, in which he focuses on sarcoma, breast cancer, informatics and digital imaging.


Samuel Aparicio, BM, BCh, PhD, FRCPath


Dr. Aparicio graduated in medical and natural sciences from Cambridge University, UK and was trained clinically in internal medicine in Oxford and London and Pathology in Cambridge.  After doctoral work with Sydney Brenner he spent periods of research at the Welcome/CRUk Developmental Biology Institute and as a Senior Investigator in the Department of Oncology in Cambridge.  He was a founder member of research group that established the model genome of the pufferfish Fugu Rubripes, culminated by co-leading the international consortium that sequenced the genome in 2002. He also co-founded (1999) the UK and Singapore based biotech company Paradigm Therapeutics, where he was director of science until 2004. He is currently the Nan and Lorraine Robertson Chair of Breast Cancer in Vancouver, and the Canada Research Chair in Molecular Oncology.  His work encompasses the fields of genomics, bioinformatics, mouse genetics and translational research in medicine. 

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Diponkar Banerjee, BBChB, PhD

Professor of Pathology (Collaborator)

Dr. Banerjee is the British Columbia Provincial Leader, Cancer Pathology of BC Cancer Agency and Director of Laboratories at the Vancouver Cancer Centre. He has combined expertise in tumor immunology and oncologic pathology to promote translational research. His research interests are in molecular classification of human cancers, the development of murine and human monoclonal antibodies against tumor-associated antigens, immunohistochemistry and flow cytometry.





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